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Mamawa Inc. is a non-profit organization officially launched in December 2013. The organization was inspired by the life lived by my mom, Mamawa Kebbie, and focuses on women and children in Sierra Leone. My goal here is twofold, to serve as a springboard for grass root women to find inspiration, and strength to transform their lives, and also create an educational, yet playful haven for children. This I believe will enhance their chances of becoming productive citizens of their environments.    

Mamawa is a Mende name meaning ‘big mother’, and as the name suggests, Mamawa Kebbie became a cornerstone in the lives of many by playing the role of a mother to not just her children, but to countless others. Naturally, as the idea materialized to create an organization that would become an umbrella of hope for women and children, I envisioned the organization playing the role of the big mother as she did, hence Mamawa Inc.

The goal of Mamawa is achieved through a 3-step, semi annual process. The first is to reach out to communities in Sierra Leone to identify underprivileged women and children. As an umbrella of hope, those identified will then be brought under the umbrella – a safe haven. Once with Mamawa, the second step of empowerment is implemented. Participants will go through a series of empowerment exercises, including vocational trainings in multiple trades for the women, as well as community seminars to communicate the roles and responsibilities of women in their communities. For the children, once they’re with Mamawa, they will be exposed to an educational yet playful environment to promote and encourage education to children. Lastly in the process is ensuring the participants’ self sustainment. At the end of each woman’s vocational training, Mamawa, assists with job placement, along with hiring some in an employment role within Mamawa. This will ensure continued use of newly acquired skill to contribute to their communities, while earning income for self sustainability. For the children, Mamawa will assists with academic enrollments after going through a need based curriculum at the center. We also continuously work with the child's parents to monitor the child’s continued enrollment and well being.

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